Spyros Bakas

Spyros is among the first to introduce and promote Reenacting in Greece in 2002. Since then, he has participated, organised and directed numerous Reenacting and Experimental Archaeology as well as Living History projects in Greece and worldwide.

He has lectured extensively around the world on Experimental Archaeology, Ancient Greek Warfare and Traditional Archery (i.e. Daejeon Korea 2010, University of Warsaw 2010,2014, Viminacium Museum in Serbia 2012, EXARC Organisation in Denmark 2012). He has written or co-written many studies some of which have been published in British Archaeology Report (Archeopress) , Sidestone Press , “Archaeology and Science” Academic Journal and WTAF Publishing (Daejeon, Korea).

He holds a BA in Political Science and Public Administration from the Kapodestrian University of Athens, specialising in European and International Affairs. He has participated in extensive archaeological missions conducted by the University of Warsaw, in Palazollo Acreide (Sicily/Italy) and Sterdyn (Poland). He is currently based in Warsaw, Poland finishing his MA in Archaeology at Warsaw University with an emphasis on the Late Mycenean Armour and Weapons, willing to continue his studies on a Phd in the same topic.

Antonis Aliades (Adonis)

After having a short reenactement experience in Belgium in mid 90s, Adonis had always the vision and passion of creating a unique high-profile living history Association with focus in Ancient Greek Warfare. This became reality through KORYVANTES Association in 2009, Adonis is a founding member of the Association.

Adonis hold an MSc in Business Administration and is currently employed as Technical Sales in Information Technology. He loves to persuade customers invest in high-end technology systems and is passionate to promote the Association work. He used to be an MMA practitioner, a Pancration thinker / researcher and is currently training in BJJ. But most of all, he is passionate with his young ginger-hair daughter.

George E. Georgas

George has great love for European swordsmanship and has been inspired from King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Epos of Digenis Acritas and other legendary fencers.
He is a Certified Fencing Coach and National Fencing Referee of the Hellenic Fencing Federation, Second Rank Instructor of the Hellenic Martial Education of Pammachon and Instructor of Historical European Fencing.
George founded the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts LEONTES, a school dedicated to European Medieval and Renaissance martial arts and Classical and Olympic Fencing. He is in charge for the development of Byzantine Hoplomachia in Greece teaching the use of various Byzantine weapons such as the spathion (byzantine xifos), paramerion (byzantine saber), pole arms and the long sword of the 14th-15th century.
He is in charge (Unterhauptman) of the Meyer Freifechter Guild for the development of the Renaissance martial arts in Greece teaching long sword, dussack and rapier and he has the rank of Research Scholar of the Freifechter Guild.
Honorable member of the Acrites Academy (the headquarters are in USA).

Rita Roberts

From an early age my interest has always been pottery, which first led me to enrolling in Henry Sandon’s ‘Curator of the Dyson Perrins  Museum,’ class , to learn all about antique pottery i.e. the shape of vessels, the feel, the potters marks and of course, the forgeries. I then opened my own antique shop. When I sold my shop to volunteer with Worcester Archaeology I spent twelve years analyzing, dating and recording ancient pottery from the Neolithic period to post Medieval times in England. On moving to Crete, Greece I worked on Minoan pottery for ten years with “ The Institute for Aegean Prehistory Study Center for East Crete”.

I am now studying Mycenaean Linear B Scripts with Richard Vallance Janke.  My translation of Michael Ventris Linear B tablet Pylos 641 is entered in the ‘Archaeology and Science Magazine No.10.

Christy Emilio Ioannidou

Christy is a Naval History researcher, specializing in topics related to Naval Warfare in antiquity and ancient Greek Shipping. She developed remarkable literary activity, publishing books and writing more than 200 articles, monographs and studies in academic magazines and magazines  issued by specialized agencies such as the Hellenic Navy General Staff.She has been awarded the Maritime Tradition Award (EXALEIPTRON Awards 2014), and for her researchers in Naval History. 

She is creator and manager of the perialos.blogspot.gr, Scientific Advisor to The Salamis Foundation, member of Greek Federation of Submarine, of the KORYVANTES Association and the Hellenic Maritime Museum. She is married to journalist and defense analyst John S. Theodoratos by whom she has a daughter.

Dimitris Katsikis

Dimitris passion for antiquity propelled him to an in-depth study of the respective periods of the Greco-Roman timeline, which led to the writing of a series of personal studies on the political, religious and military aspects of that extended historical era.

His exploration of the religious iconography of the Military Saints of Eastern Orthodox tradition resulted in the presentation of three reconstructed Byzantine armors of the 11th century in the research center of Dumbarton Oaks Museum and research library (Trustees of Harvard) in the framework of the International Symposium ‘’Military Men in Byzantium, Emperors, Saints, and Soldiers at Arms’’ held in Washington DC (USA, May 2010), inaugurating the first exhibition of this kind in modern times. Subsequently he devoted his time to the research of Classical Greek Antiquity armors achieving the reconstruction with traditional methods of some of the first high-fidelity ancient Greek armors made in the modern era. With a range of international contacts and partnerships he aims at the promotion and recognition of the multi-millennial Greek tradition.

Richard Vallance Janke

Since Richard first started learning Mycenaean Linear B in the spring of 2012, he has moved on to become one of the world leading experts in Linear B, surpassed by none. Richard has also mastered Arcado-Cypriot Linear C and as such is probably the only international expert in that syllabary.

As of the spring of 2016, Richard set out to undertake what seems an impossible task, the partial decipherment of Minoan Linear A, with the emphasis squarely set on partial, since it is inconceivable that anyone can actually decipher Linear A, given the paucity of extant tablets and fragments (< 500), of which most are the latter. In fact, anyone who claims to have deciphered Linear A is either self-deluding or a charlatan.

Richard Vallance Janke, HBA (Sir Wilfred Laurier University, 1968) and MLS (University of Western Ontario, 1975), is the moderator of linearbknossosmycenae, the largest Minoan Linear A, Mycenaean Linear B & Arcado-Cypriot Linear C site in the world, Minoan Linear A, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae.

Founded in March 2013, the site is now over 3 years old with 100,000 visitors to date, which is a substantial number when you consider that Minoan Linear A, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae deals exclusively with the three syllabaries referenced above, all decidedly esoteric, hence familiar to very few people anywhere in the world.

Joanna Golec

Joanna is an Archaeology of Food researcher and a BA graduate in Archaeology from the University of Warsaw. A big passionate of  food and Bronze Age, she has written her thesis about the diet of gods and humans in the Hittite civilization based on the literary documents and archaeological data. However, her culinary experience has started in 2015, when along with other students she participated in Biskupin Archaeological Fair and reconstructed ancient Roman dishes according to authentic recipes. She has engaged in archaeological missions conducted by the University of Warsaw in Sterdyn, Suchan, Czekanow (Poland), Tanais (Russia) and numerous archaeology-popularizing projects.

Social media-friendly, she has been administering I Love Archaeology, one of the biggest archaeological news groups on Facebook, for over 2 years and has created Ancient Foods, authorial Facebook page devoted to diet and farming studies of all periods and civilizations. She is currently is starting her MA in Archaeology with an intent to combine the Aegean and Hittite archaeology in the scope of dietary similarities. She is also planning to create her own YouTube channel devoted to recreating ancient dishes in home conditions.